Catch Without Arms

Written by: KS on 16/08/2005 13:08:42

Dredg's new album 'Catch without arms' has been hard reviewing. I see that almost everywhere it gets very good reviews. I'm sorry, but I'm not going to do that. Not that it's a bad album, because it's really not, I just think it's missing something, like it's only half (or less) done or something. The big hits are there, but it's like only 3-4 songs that are really good. Ode To The Sun, Bug Eyes, Cath Without Arms, (Hungover on a tuesday). The rest just feels like fillers to me. I also think it's lacking those little interludes, like El Cielo had. I know some people hated those, but I kind of enjoyed the soundscape being build up by those. They created emotion, which i think most of these songs, except those mentioned earlier is missing. You might not agree with me, but I think this could've been done better. It starts good with those tracks I mentioned before, but after that it's just filler after filler and that simply not good enough in my opinion. I know some of you might disagree a lot with me, but this is just how this album is to me, simply not good enough.


Download: Bug Eyes
For the fans of: Jamisonparker, Oceansize

Release date 21.6.2005
Interscope Records

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