Yellow Streak EP

Written by: PP on 18/03/2015 22:35:45

And so the Title Fight worship truck keeps rolling forward, this time loaded with four Winsford / Cheshire, UK lads who form the indie-flavored post-hardcore group Simmer. Their sophomore EP "Yellow Streak" is basically a straight up clone of the quieter tracks on genre classic "Floral Green", with hefty amounts of influence from like-minded UK groups Basement and why not also the lesser known but equally up-and-coming Nai Harvest.

Armed with reverb-laden guitars and dreamy post-hardcore vocals akin to especially Basement, Simmer bring forth an expansive, contemplative atmosphere that also recalls the shoegaze elements from Nothing's sound. It's introspective and quiet in principle, yet the guitar pedals and overall structure create a voluminous effect that feels rather loud in the end anyway. But that's pretty much exactly what you've previously heard on records by Turnover, Citizen, Light Years, Ivy League TX, Reward, and, of course, the masters of this style in Balance & Composure. To be perfectly frank, there's very little in these four tracks separating Simmer from any of those bands, despite each of the tracks leaving behind a decent impression overall. The whole expansive shoegaze soundscape meets post-hardcore and punk world has been nearly played through to the death at this point, so to stick out Simmer will need to do a little more than to funnel Title Fight influence through an indie/shoegaze filter. That said, it's not that "Yellow Streak" is bad by any means. The songs are good - "Douse" is excellent in particular - but we've just heard this same record so many times in the last two years now in one form or another.

Download: Douse, Laying Odds
For the fans of: Title Fight, Nai Harvest, Turnover, Basement, Nothing
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Release date 30.03.2015
Dog Knights Production

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