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Tales From A Happy Home EP

Written by: PP on 14/03/2015 12:01:38

Horsens, Denmark-based Faun Legacy are dipping their toes in stadium size indie rock on their sophomore EP "Tales From A Happy Home", where lead single "Shell" has already been accepted on playlist rotation on the national rock station, myRock. The three tracks presented on the EP largely follow similar grandiose indie rock thematics as The Killers though with less recognizable vocals and melodies overall.

Another style that's heftily referenced throughout the three tracks is the Brit rock scene. Think Arctic Monkeys and such, basically energetic indie rock with big choruses embedded within an entirely radio-friendly format. Particularly "Shell" has this quality with its bouncy lead riff that should bring to mind classic Franz Ferdinand material straight away. Those words should already tell you straight away whether you're going to be into Faun Legacy, even if their expression isn't necessarily identical to either band. But the fact is that "Tales From A Happy Home" is a fairly predictable textbook iteration of indie rock. It has ambition, given the spacious soundscapes and relatively catchy choruses in "Shell" and opener "Sleepwalker", but the sandwiched track "The End" is a much more forgettable endeavour already. At just three tracks, if already one of them isn't hit material then it's difficult to believe an album's worth of material would have more than just one or two great songs and a whole lot of filler in between. But then again, isn't that the case for the majority of bands playing festivals like T In The Park et cetera?

For now, Faun Legacy offer a decent indie rock product overall on their sophomore EP, but it's not enough material to properly judge their potential (hence we rarely review 3 track EPs for this very reason). Decent production, decent vocals, decent riffs, but needs more character to grab onto the listener.


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Release date 13.02.2015

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