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Prey For Eyes

Written by: KS on 23/08/2007 14:27:01

It's been too long since I've got this machine running and what better way to start out writing reviews again but to review a fierce death metal / hardcore combo to really kick things off?

Yes, Massachusetts band The Red Chord is back with a new assault after their critically acclaimed sophomore album "Clients" from 2005. This time The Chord has returned to a more death metal style like on their debut from 2004 "Fused Together in Revolving Doors", but it still adds the whole hardcore feeling into the mix. The album starts off brutal with the "Film Critiques and Militia Men" that has a very raw feeling to it, presenting what this is all about in only little more than a minute. Next up is the more breakdown based "Dread Prevailed", which turns it more into the general style of the album and into their old sound with growling vocal work over massive guitars. The album offers some of the best start/stop sequences I've heard in a while and constantly has direction changes that make it almost impossible to know where they are going on the first few listens. Melody plays a big role in most of these songs as well. You'll have a quite melodic part at one time only to have it change direction completely going into what can almost be described as madness. At the same time they offer hardcore gang shouts like on the track "Pray For Eyes" and pretty much have those Zakk Wylde squealing guitars on every track. How can one not like that?

It can be argued that they're just following the musical path that they already know, and they as a band might not have evolved that much musically since their debut was released, but I feel that exactly that path is justifiable because they are able to create songs which, when in need for brutality, you'll want to keep coming back to. It's pretty damn solid but nothing that you haven't heard before, from themselves and other bands in the genre.

"Prey for Eyes" is definitely a worthy successor to "Clients" and you should get out there and buy it immediately. Though if you're completely new to this band I recommend that you start from the beginning by purchasing "Fused Together in Revolving Doors" as the first album and then work your way through the discography as this is not really an easy album to get into.

The reason I'm not grading this higher than I am, is simply the lack of originality and that I actually like both of their two previous albums better. This album will give you brutality in its purest form as well as some melody to ease those ears a bit once in a while.


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Release date 23.07.2007
Metal Blade
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