The Violent InSanity EP

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Brighton based band Kickfist have spent a lot of time trying to build up a solid fanbase down on the south coast. The EP itself is split into two parts, "Act I" and "Act II". The first half consists of a definitive southern metal approach but an odd mix of nu metal vocals the first song, "No Bullshit", wastes no time trying to pull some heavy punches, though for me they miss the mark a few times. The chorus in itself will certainly get a crowd going. The screeching vocals "I'm tired of this bullshit now" echo throughout the track and get gruesomely heavy towards the end. The guitar and bass chug away in a rather uninspiring fashion but keep the rhythm of the song going. Most of the layers feel forced and unnatural, making the song difficult to follow comfortably. A solo guitar riff peaks my interest and soars above the repetitive droll bass layers beneath.

The second song, "Watch The Fallen" again starts off with a fast paced, purpose filled chugging and simple drumming. The heavier riff leads into a slower clean vocals section that again builds up to a heavier breakdown. Between spoken words and a bizarre range of vocals that seem to have all different manners of influences it’s hard to keep track of what genre we are in. Is it nu metal, is it 80s glam rock or is it hardcore? There greatest comparison I could possibly give would be something between Pantera and perhaps Killswitch Engage? This song is ultimately carried by another notable lead guitar solo. If you could imagine a (somewhat disturbing) lovechild between Ozzie Osbourne and Alice Cooper, you will probably find vocalist Z Zander. What makes me turn away from the song are the flat notes that appear to fall out from the track. If you can’t hit a note whilst recording, don’t use it.

"Drown" follows with the distinct and somewhat clichéd sound of thunder and rain falling before the main guitar riff seeps in. Here you definitely have something more along the lines of 90s nu metal. The bass and drums play a predictable pattern and leave little to the creative imagination. When it comes to chorus we are greeted with a brilliant mix of melodies, which in turn distract from the lacklustre beginning. Having said that, as much as the stripped away chorus might have been intended as an intense breakdown, something seems to be missing. Maybe they’ve stripped away too much and all that is left behind is something uninspiring. I wont deny them their ability to carry a fantastic guitar riff but that seems to be all that just about carries the entire EP.

The final song, "Sculptor To The Clay", is just over eight minutes long. It starts off with a sinister piano melody that is suddenly interrupted by the sounds of a phone being left under hook, a man sobbing disturbingly in the background as a woman leaves an apologetic message on the phone saying she can’t go on with this anymore. Frustration and screams build up and burst into a heavy u

as fuck breakdown. Now I’m interested. It’s aggressive and shows the vocalists vulnerability and emotional baggage and really manages to affect your conscience. I wonder why it has taken four tracks for me to really find an interest in this EP.

The entire EP revolves itself around the topics of infidelity, unrequited love, mental illness and various other personal ailments. It’s gritty and laid bare and has some noteworthy musical creativity though, for me too many of the time, falls just flat of something I’d eagerly listen to again. Credit it where credit is due their lyrical content and guitar melodies are impressive and commendable, I just feel that had a little bit more time been spent on really smoothing the layers together and making sure everything fit like a perfect puzzle, I wouldn’t be writing this seemingly scathing words. It's worth a listen for the lyrical content and efforts put in, but it's not something I'll personally be replaying any time soon.


Download: Sculptor To The Clay
For The Fans Of: Rain May Fall, TAUNTAUN

Release date 15.08.2014
FlipTheBird Records

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