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Motorbilly. That's the genre used in the press release to describe Copenhagen based rockabilly band Grumpynators, defining it as a combination of hard rock, metal and rockabilly. Interesting. Another mentioned fact is that a couple of Grumpynators members have toured and recorded with Volbeat. That's probably exactly why songs like "Walking In The Night" basically sound like a rockabilly version of the family-friendly rock of Volbeat, which we all, of course, know as the musical equivalent of your dead on average Danish middle-aged father living in the countryside somewhere in Jutland. Yawn. That's probably why catchy marketing terms like motorbilly are needed, because it's basically more about selling a product than writing relevant music in 2015.

Echoes of past are scattered everywhere on the Grumpynators album. You'll hear distinct Social Distortion influence on a few tracks like "The Stalker". There's a moment where your mind is drawn towards The Misfits on "Walk Away" and then you discover the song is even called "Walked Away". There are a few rougher sections which are supposedly meant to pass as the metal part of the mixture, such as "The Calling", a balladic heavy metal influenced track that's about as generic as that sort of stuff comes these days. The rockabilly element is obvious: upright contrabass clicking is the leading element in multiple songs, best utilized on the relatively memorable "Walking In The Night". The hard rock part, on the other hand, is a reference towards the cheesy 80s, culminating in the absolutely horrific "This Is My Life" that alone suggests you should have no business listening to this album if you've ever listened to a record written since Bad Religion's "Suffer" (1988). Same goes for "Speeding #2" - Jesus christ what a cheese fest.

Overall, however, "Wonderland" feels like a little brother release to Volbeat. Not just sound wise, but also in terms of its relevancy to any modern music fan. The expression is intentionally ignoring three decades of evolution within music and doesn't arrive at any meaningful or a particularly memorable nostalgia trip either. Rockabilly for people who don't really listen to music other than what's served to them on P3? Volbeat fans look this way. For everyone else, there's literally no reason to listen to Grumpynators' mediocrity on "Wonderland" over the old classics from their respective eras. Avoid.


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Release date 09.03.2015
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