Spidergawd II

Written by: HES on 06/03/2015 10:28:07

If these were the international championships of originality, Norwegian rockers Spidergawd probably wouldn't make the shortlist. But luckily the band makes up for that with an impressive level of energy and euphony on their sophomore album, "Spidergawd II". The dot on the musical roadmap is solidly placed somewhere between Americana and just regular old rock and roll. Like a Norwegian Dave Grohl, vocalist Per Borten delivers straight, no-ice vocals with just a hint of stale ashtray, usually supported by backing vocals that are sometimes tight, sometimes not.

The real kick of the album is delivered by the rock steady collaboration between high tempered, low pitched guitar and rolling, potent bass. Bassist Bent Sæther in many ways ends up carrying most of the soundscape on his shoulders - a burden often carried by a lead guitarist in basic band construction. It’s a nice twist that more bands should consider utilizing. Luckily some strives to break the mold are to be observed on the quick and loud 9-track album: the cut "Get Physical" sports not only humorous lyrics like "I wanna get physical with the bitches in my head", but to my happy surprise also a generous amount of distorted trumpet. The more abstract instrumental piece "Caerulean Caribou", meanwhile, experiments with jazzy saxophone atop a rolling bassline, like a sorbet to cleanse your taste buds in between tracks that have, let’s admit it, very little differentiation. But like the sorbet mid-course in a fancy dinner, the instrumental piece breaks it up and makes it easier to experience the nuances of the second half of the record.

"Spidergawd II" keeps the band well within the realm of the first release, but there is definitely a touch more sophistication to the hooks. Overall the sheer catchiness is the best selling point for the band, obviously in combination with very fine-tuned craftsmanship. The universality of these traits could easily make Spidergawd one of those bands that people across different preferences in genres could appreciate - I can see a punk listener as well as a metalhead thoroughly enjoying this band. And even though that doesn't win you the grand prize of originality, it doesn't make you boring either. I'd say Spidergawd are well on their way to a greater Scandinavian fanbase. To start with, I can, at least, personally be counted in.


Download: Tourniquet, Get Physical, Our Time (Slight Return)
For the fans of: Foo Fighters, Queens Of The Stoneage, Stone Temple Pilots
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Release date 27.02.2015
Crispin Glover Records / Stickman Records

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