Rival Glass EP

Written by: TL on 03/03/2015 16:20:53

Trespassers is the name of a quintet from Buffalo who recently put out a new EP called "Rival Glass", and who might as well put on their calling card that they cater to anyone who's already a fan of bands like Thrice, Balance And Composure, Make Do And Mend and so on. Over the course of the five songs on offer, they deliver guitar work that churns in a similarly toasty, measured fashion, on top of which you get vocals that strain against the top of their range with a hint of gravelly effect in the edge. Dustin Kensrue seems like a clear inspiration in this department, and with a production on the EP that leaves the instruments with an organic feel and a well-adjusted mix, you immediately sense that the guys get their style right enough that people on the lookout for bands of their type should be willing to jump on their bandwagon, despite the fact that the EP also showcases areas with noticeable room for improvement.

Whether you compare the group directly to Thrice, or perhaps more reasonably to fellow newcomers like Daisyhead, it is pretty clear that "Rival Glass" is not too strong in the hook department. The intended signature refrains are clear enough in the songs, but their impact is rather modest, partly because the band's grasp of dynamics is either a bit unfocused, like on opener "Dead End", or a bit too predictable, like on "No Solace". The former feels like it tries to change things up causing more confusion than engagement during the second verse, and conversely, the latter, which is a more balladic change-of-pace track than the remaining four, glides a bit too safely towards a climax you could've wished was a bit more inventive.

Trespassers come the closest to making something impressive with the second track "Eclipse" and the EP closer "Sinking Stone". The quickly established dynamic between ringing riff and staccato chords imbues the latter track with instantly apparent drive, making the listener look forward to the coming drop and surge, and while something about the chorus' tempo makes it feel a bit poppy for the EP, the song just feels more coherent than some of the others. "Eclipse" commences in a similar way, reaching a quick, romping mini-solo before once again creating a nice, tense foundation via the muted notes in the verse.

A quick overview of "Rival Glass EP" then, outlines the release as a solid shot at mimicking a respectable set of influences, yet one where the potential in the songwriting is more apparent in some songs than others. The release should serve Trespassers well as a means to connect with fans that appreciate the same bands they do, and as a young band they should be happy with the solid production they've managed to take out of the recording studio in such an early attempt. Yet at the same time, it is too soon for the band to rest on their laurels and simply wait for a breakthrough, as it seems clear that there is room to construct some even stronger songs and to perhaps come up with some more personal nuances to their take on the sound.


Download: Sinking Stone, Eclipse
For The Fans Of: Thrice, Balance And Composure, Make Do And Mend, Daisyhead, Wolves And Machines

Release date 24.02.2015
Spartan Records

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