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A Girl And Her Giraffe

Written by: PP on 24/02/2015 23:03:27

Vejle, Denmark-based Kuko De Kobra are back with a sophomore album called "A Girl And Her Giraffe", which sees the band continue experimenting with three vastly different genres just as on their debut album three years ago. Post-grunge, pop rock and hard rock each get their segments throughout the record that feels as confused as it does generic in its sound. On one song, you're ready to throw in a Soundgarden or a Pearl Jam reference given the band's tendency to go for crooned, smoky vocals with some attitude, and the next one we're right back at generic riff rock, "PRBN (It's Only Love - Give It Away)" being a prime example.

The vocals mostly follow the same post-grunge / alternative rock format as most 90s styled singers. You can pretty much name drop everyone from Scott Weiland to Axl Rose and you won't be far off with what's going on here. The same goes for the instrumentals. The result is a derivative sound that tries to imitate the past greats but isn't particularly successful in doing so. The melodies are stale, the arrangements boring, and the record overall far too anonymous to make an impact in a genre as crowded as this one. With a couple of alright tracks and a whole lot of nothing saying ones, Kuko Do Kobra simply don't have the goods to compete nationally, let alone internationally, against bands playing this exact same style but doing it much better. Songs need to be more catchy, the singing more charismatic, the forays into embarrassing pop rock less frequent. "A Wrong Decision (Fizzy Miss Thin Lizzy)" could've been on a Keane album for god's sake. P3 'rock' at it's most generic.

Overall, "A Girl And Her Giraffe" just isn't worth your time. The production values are decent and there's nothing wrong with their technical ability. It's just the songwriting that drags behind. Skip this one and stick with the better releases in rock / post-grunge / hard rock. Painfully average.


Download: Oncea Wide, Pieces Missing
For the fans of: Soundgarden, classic rock
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Release date 23.02.2015
Target Records

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