Oceans Ate Alaska

Lost Isles

Written by: PP on 24/02/2015 00:13:28

The metalcore scene has sure been excited for this one. "Lost Isles", the debut album by Oceans Ate Alaska, has been one of the most anticipated releases by a British metalcore band since the early career of Bring Me The Horizon, a fact reflected by their more than 250k likes on Facebook alone with just a couple of EPs underneath their belt. Listening to "Lost Isles", it makes sense why the scene is hyping the band up like there's no tomorrow. It's rammed with innovative melodies that dare to challenge the status quo in metalcore, much like Bring Me The Horizon did in their early days, and they have managed to do it without the unnecessary drama nor sounding overtly pompous in the process.

"Lost Isles" is characterized by impressive technical proficency manifesting in constantly shifting, odd time signatures, where the instrumentals range from progressive metalcore to djent to deathcore and back to dynamic metalcore riffage often in the same song. There's a constant focus on intricate instrumentation that sees breakdowns erupt from seemingly nowhere, flowing directly into post-hardcore style clean vocals that are almost instantly interrupted by distorted screams, guttural growls, and black metal inspired shrieks. The variety present is simply stunning alone in the vocal department; the instrumentals do their part in adding mesmerizing progressive melodies and unique dynamics on the background. Generally, there's a shitload of things going on at the same time constantly, meaning the album is probably not suitable for people not capable of sympathizing with the modern ADHD tuned music listeners. But looking past the constant stop/start sequences and seemingly random instrumental arrangements, the sheer technicality present in their sound is as ridiculous as it is awe-inspiring. The brutal dissonance is almost always met with equally melodic tranquil sections that morph directly into mid 2000s post-hardcore sections and back to straight up metalcore in the process. It's a crazy mix of styles but one that works exactly because the band dares to inject "Homesick"-era A Day To Remember style pop punk vocals in the midst of songs like "Floorboards", which otherwise function as cacophonic deathcore meets nonsensical mathcore tracks outside of the melodic parts.

Production tricks, effects, and other artificial features are used aplenty throughout the record, yet the result is convincing and, surprisingly, frank despite the artificial nature of their sound. It's super-modern and tightly compressed, of course, but the fact that the band manages to withhold a sense of brilliance within that soundscape is nothing short of amazing. Simply put, Oceans Ate Alaska are the next big thing from Britain when it comes to scene music.


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For the fans of: Bring Me The Horizon, Chelsea Grin, Rings Of Saturn, For All I Am
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Release date 23.02.2015
Fearless Records

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