Tales Of A Melancholic

Written by: PP on 22/02/2015 02:35:21

How would it sound like if you had Hayley Williams of Paramore guesting on a Deftones album? Probably quite similar to "Tales Of A Melancholic", the debut album by UK's Pryti. It's a rather strange album that explores inspiration from gothic rock, alternative rock, and experimental nu-metal all at the same time, sadly without taking away the good parts of any of the genres. The result is a lackluster alternative rock / experimental nu-metal album that places a direct spotlight on its inspiration, but fails to interpret the legends in any meaningful manner.

A classic example is "Abyss". Here, the riffage more than just borrows from Deftones as its inspiration - this is blatant copycatting instrumentally, whilst Pryti (who sings and plays guitar/bass on the album) channels her inner Anouk from "Nobody's Wife" era vocally at the same time. It's a strangely gothic and melancholic take on alternative rock, but at the same time a very spacious and expansive one which draws your mind towards symphonic rock / gothic rock bands like Within Temptation. Still, this description is quite far from how Pryti actually sounds like. The gothic genres are used as mere inspiration for a hard rock / alternative rock platform. The resulting expression is a rather strange mixture between the melancholic atmospheres of Katatonia brought together with the symphonic nature of Within Temptation, and with the crunchy experimental nu-metal riffage of Deftones.

Sounds like a potent mix, but there are some real problems with Pryti's sound. One, her vocals are rather annoying. They are nasal and weird, failing to capitalize on the spacious riffage in the same way as Chino Moreno does on the Deftones records. Two, the songs are just not that interesting. A few decent songs but the rest are awfully generic and don't do enough to separate Pryti from the every gothic metal band sounds the same leitmotif.


Download: The Pessimist, Abyss, Bitter Pill
For the fans of: Katatonia, Deftones, Within Temptation, Anouk
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Release date 16.02.2015

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