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Written by: PP on 17/02/2015 21:29:21

BirdStrike is an indie rock trio housed in Randers and Århus, Denmark, who blend the genre with plenty of punk themed energy and garage rock themes to make their source of inspiration difficult to pinpoint. It's as if you took the high energy dance-onslaught of Arctic Monkeys, mixed it together with 90s-flavored Britrock songwriting in the vein of Oasis, and threw in some influence from other indie rock royalty ranging from The Fratellis and Kaiser Chiefs in the process. Essentially, like an indie rock version of The Hives or something. See what I mean about being difficult to pinpoint?

Characteristic to their sound throughout the four tracks of the self-titled EP is a highly energetic and upbeat approach to instrumentation. The songs crash forward with urgency and immediacy, while staying infectiously catchy at the same time. Ideas from power pop are embedded within the indie rock platform, while the scratchy / smoky vocals draw your mind towards punk and garage genres. It's a very successful combination of different styles together into an explosive sound that's difficult to deny. The expression feels turbocharged throughout, as the band race to finish the EP in just under eleven minutes. It's way too fast in a way, because the songs you've just heard leave you wanting more.

"Merry Go" and "Someday" are both examples of songs that have some serious radio potential especially over in the UK where this type of music tends to be treated as blockbusters year after year by the local media, but "Disco Road Kill" isn't too bad either, although it's arguably the weakest track on the record. "Mexico City" finishes things off with a bang, suggesting BirdStrike are definitely a band we need to keep a close eye on going forward, given how tightly the song is played and how solid the melody is here, too. Just as it has been throughout the EP. The approach taken here recalls closely the equally high tempo, but more The Strokes influenced playful indie rock of Drowners, who are trending overseas right now behind an exceptionally strong debut album that landed on yours truly's end-of-year list on a solid #6 spot. Though different sound wise, it's the same dynamics on play here. Should BirdStrike be able to write an album's worth of songs as convincing as these, then we're looking at the next big thing from Denmark.

Download: Merry Go, Someday
For the fans of: Drowners, Arctic Monkeys, Oasis, The Fratellis, Kaiser Chiefs
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Release date 28.10.2014

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