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Taurus Rising

Written by: PP on 17/02/2015 20:54:10

I'm moving into BV territory here, it seems, with the third record "Taurus Rising" by Jakob Skøtt, the drummer of local psych heroes Causa Sui. It's an immersive all-instrumental album drowning in deep psychedelics and lively and engaging instrumental landscapes that reflect how I imagine it to feel like being on shrooms or experiencing an acid trip. Heavy amount of digitized synthesizer is at play, functioning as the primary ingredient of the album together with some incredibly specific and inventive drum patterns that make "Taurus Rising" such an enjoyable 37 minute listen throughout the course of its five tracks.

Playful sound effects from video games are liberally embedded within the soundscape for added variety, but overall the expression resembles the hypnotic droning of Zombi and Maserati just with more lively percussion. The rhythmic percussion is exactly what adds an immense amount of depth and texture to the songs, which is especially the case on "Escape From The Keep", where you find the drumming taking turns on either complementing or dueling against the synthesizer. It's all a giant sonic experiment that is best experienced with a good set of headphones to fully immerse yourself in the hypnotic nature of the sound, and in order to fully appreciate what a complete antithesis Jakob Skøtt's music is compared to what you hear out in the mainstream. This is far out, man, as a stereotypical chilled out, drug-infested surfer dude might put it, at least when it comes to the overall sonic experiment taking place on the record.

The best part? It actually works. You don't need to be well versed in your psychedelic drugs nor have a particular interest or longing for instrumental psychedelia as a musical genre to both understand and appreciate the talent at play here. That the songs are all beyond six minutes doesn't matter because Skøtt has the capacity to write arrangements that uphold your interest throughout by being extremely varied and depth-laden. Highly recommended for all fans of instrumental music, especially with heavy doses of psychedelia stuffed in between.

Download: Escape From The Keep, Pleiades
For the fans of: Zombi, Maserati, Pink Floyd, Causa Sui, Tangerine Dream
Listen: El Paraiso Records

Release date 08.12.2014
El Paraiso Records

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