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Good Dog

Written by: PP on 17/02/2015 19:45:45

A couple more 2014 releases left before we can finally close the lid on 2014 once and for good. One of them is the debut album "Good Dog" by Vejle, Denmark based Deed In Karma, whose expression is a rare breed in Denmark, where most bands labeling themselves as rock bands tend to steer towards the cliché-riddled 70s and 80s classic rock bands rather than genres with more recent history. Instead of looking decades backwards, Deed In Karma instead concentrate in mainstream alternative rock BillBoard Modern Rock chart style throughout "Good Dog". In practice, that means they balance on a tightrope between bands like Taproot, Chevelle and Islander to name but a few bands, with the occasional Deftones style experimental nu-metal influence embedded in between.

That's not something heard often in Denmark, primarily because the style requires an extremely competent lead vocalist to be able to deliver oomph and power alongside dramatic melodies. On more than a few occasions, Deed In Karma vocalist Jonas Holmberg does just that, for example on "War And I" and "Stray Dog", where his prolonged clean vocal croons have just enough edge to make them feel at home in a hard rock expression, yet contain plenty of melody to drive the straight-forward melodies home. "No Answer" is another clear highlight that draws your mind directly to Taproot, as does the slightly more aggressive "Taste Of Regret". A little closer to home we find a reference to the equally Deftones-inspired Swedes in Korea, whose past few albums have dipped their toes in exactly the same style as Deed In Karma do here. Slightly melancholic vocals, huge riffs, bits and pieces of nu-metal within heavy alternative rock / hard rock base? Sound about right? That's pretty much the leitmotif throughout "Good Dog" as well.

But where bands like Taproot and Chevelle are notorious for their consistency throughout albums, the Deed In Karma record has a few sections where the listener is, if not thrown off, then at least ambivalent to the offering. Here, your imagination and attention is wavering off as the band fall foul of an all-too textbook modern rock expression that's a little too predictable for my liking. That being said, the majority of the tracks are rock solid, and if you're into the heavier realm of alternative rock and especially into any of the bands mentioned in this review, be sure to check this release out.


Download: War And I, Stray Dog, No Answer
For the fans of: Taproot, Korea, Islander, Far, Red, Chevelle
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Release date 01.09.2014

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