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Aalborg based country rockers Superscum present a rather unusual sound for Denmark on their sophomore EP "Superscum" that was released late last year. Dubbed as dark country by the band on their Facebook page, their expression combines together darker alternative rock from the 90s together with modern country themes to arrive at a sound that's cinematic enough to function as a soundtrack to an epic Western drama film. It's a soundscape full of warmth and feeling thanks to the engaging performance of their singer-songwriter Claus Bjerg and the larger-than-life instrumentation by the whole band, but particularly their guitarist shows off his Alabama style twang / slide guitar on "When The Ink Dries Out" among other tracks.

Specifically, you could argue their expression is rooted in influence by such renowned artists as Goo Goo Dolls, Matchbox Twenty, Counting Crows, and Daughtry. Four very different bands; nuances of all of them can be found within Superscum's style, albeit applied through a country/folk filter. This mixture of atypical styles is surprisingly convincing throughout the EP, striking the listener as very believably American country-folk despite the band's Danish origins. That takes some skill and belief in your own songs, and it's also this level of confidence that shines through Superscum's songs on the EP. The charismatic singing puts you straight in the middle of American Southwest on most songs, which is not an easy feat to do being a band on this side of the pond.

At the same time, the songs paint vivid Western landscapes in your mind, so much attention has been paid to detail in order to create just the right atmosphere. Superscum makes it sound easy in the process though while also remembering that the songs also have to be good and not merely atmospheric to qualify for higher ratings on our scale. "Cursed" and "Where This River Ends" are just that, and I imagine especially the vocal performance in the aforementioned should be enough to melt many a girl's heart when experienced in a live environment. Let's just put it this way: Claus Bjerg knows how to fucking sing with charisma and ride-into-the-sunset style warmth.

Download: Cursed, Where This River Ends
For the fans of: Goo Goo Dolls, Matchbox Twenty, Counting Crows, Daughtry
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Release date 24.11.2014

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