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Written by: EL on 11/02/2015 14:24:30

Southampton based melodic hardcore band Our Hollow, Our Home recently released their hotly anticipated EP “Redefine” and so far it has been met with a massively positive response. Having just finished a tour with Australian band Dream On, Dreamer, and a new music video and with today being their official EP launch, I thought it fitting to write this review today.

The EP consists of five tracks, all of which contain exciting choruses, which you can sing along to and devilishly delicious guitar riffs. Opening up the EP is “I Am The Eulogy” which wastes no time in providing us with some seriously impressive harsh vocals from front man Connor Hallisey, who for such a young age should give himself a pat on the back for sounding like a well established and long running vocalist. The intricate and well structured riffs and layers throughout the song make me realise how much time and effort has gone into this EP.

“Heisenberg” is up next, which differs somewhat from the other tracks as it appears to favour clean over harsh vocals and the rhythm shifts to a different heavier pace. With an intro that builds up for several seconds that then breaks into Hallisey’s ferocious vocals, this track is sure to be a corker. Guitarist Tobias Young’s clean vocals soar to extraordinary heights and strike an impressive chord and partnered with co-guitarist Josh White, the vocals and riffs intertwine perfectly. Drummer James Tuckey’s force and determination stands firm as an anchor in the midst of all these layers. Ringing closely to bands like Bury Tomorrow, it’s obvious that this band has brought a new level of melodic hardcore to the mix.

“If Those Were Guns, Reggie Be Dead” plots itself as the central pivot of the EP and was used for their most recently released music video. It’s strong and held up by bassist Tim Hoolahan’s heavy bassline. In the middle of the song, there is a long, breathtaking build-up into a break with some seriously cool and forceful drumming and whining guitars, which make for an awesome intense suspense that then catapults you into a torrent of overwhelming, explosive sound.

Favouring their better-known songs at the beginning of the EP, OHOH have allowed us two newer additions to their list. “Shipwreck City” and “For What It’s Worth” show us how far the band has evolved in terms of lyrical content and musical prowess. In addition to the five track EP you can also find two bonus tracks on the billing. "Aversion" and "Rest Assured" are heavy, aggressive and drift away from the slightly lighter tone the rest of the EP holds. The pairing of Hallisey and Young's harsh and clean vocals are a match made perfectly.

I can safely say that this band is on the road to bigger things. They have proven their worth as talented and intelligent musicians and I’m excited to see what lies in store for them in the future. If you like catchy choruses and awesomely tight melodies, then you my friends are in for a treat.


Download: Heisenberg, "If Those Were Guns, Reggie Be Dead"
For The Fans Of: Bury Tomorrow, Demoraliser
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Release date 24.01.2015
Self Released

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