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Libido Overdrive EP

Written by: PP on 10/02/2015 23:56:03

Another day, another generic rock'n'roll band from our national scene. Libido Overdrive are yet one more Copenhagen outfit focusing on writing attitude-driven, sleazy rock'n'roll for the crowd that likes to 'rock out with their cocks out'. Basically, the High Voltage segment of the Copenhagen scene. Off the top of my head, I can name countless bands nationally playing this exact style who are nearly impossible to distinguish from Libido Overdrive's expression. TurboChild, LA Guns, St. Prostitute, and of course, the kings of the sleaze rock in Denmark, SuperCharger, who are indisputably the best band over here playing this style, but there are far more.

Essentially, 70s and 80s cock rock is the name of the game. That's not a problem in itself, as Electric Guitars so brilliantly demonstrated on their excellent sophomore album "String Fever" two weeks ago, but it becomes one when your expression drowns in a gray mass of hundreds of bands that sound exactly the same because of one simple reason: they listened to some Guns 'N' Roses or perhaps some Motörhead or Mötley Crüe and thought, well that sounds awesome, I wanna be like that. Cloning classic rock expression is always going to sound inferior and less interesting in comparison. That is mightily on display throughout the self-titled EP here. The vocalist has a tad charisma in his voice, but nowhere near enough to carry the rest of the band. The instrumentals recycle the same tired riffs over and over again that we've heard a thousand times before on others like them, not just in Denmark, but pretty much internationally as well through the last three decades on the majority of bands trying to relive the past.

That said, I'm sure Libido Overdrive's intentions are good. This is a band debuting with a couple of guitar grooves and a love for old school, straight up rock'n'roll. No-one should take that away from them. But they need to be a great deal better and more interesting before they'll convince anyone to put on their record in a genre this crowded.


Download: Cowboy Hat
For the fans of: Supercharger, TurboChild, LA Guns, St. Prostitute
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Release date 08.07.2014

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