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String Fever

Written by: PP on 08/02/2015 22:00:38

A band with a name as awful as Electric Guitars can't possibly be good, can they? The name is so terribly generic and nothing saying it does absolutely nothing to intrigue the listener to pick up a copy and listen - hence this review has been put off for ages because it's rather difficult to believe a name like that - and a title like "String Fever" - can possibly be relevant in 2015 for anyone keeping up with the times. Apparently I was wrong - at least partially. The Copenhagen-based quartet namely play a style of classic rock that is as predictable as their band name, but at least they do it with attitude and with a relatively high talent for writing riffs like the 1970s came calling all over again.

On "String Fever", the songs can generally be grouped into three categories of imitation. Opener "String Fever", for instance, is a straight up nod towards Jimi Hendrix material. It's all about the guitar riffs, with vocals coming in as a secondary thought. The second group, which is exemplified by "White Flag", is basically aping Wolfmother's retro rock all the way through, and therefore by extension, Led Zeppelin. But again, it re-interprets the old school rock'n'roll approach rather well and without it sounding like an embarrassing derivative copy, as is all too often the case with bands like these, so it's all good. The third group can best be seen on "Let It Rock", which is where AC/DC style simplified rock for the ages is being aired in all its glory. Again, a surprisingly good rendition of a classic sound. Color me impressed at this stage, Electric Guitars, your name be damned. Sure, there are a few pop rockers in between - such as the simplistic "Girlfriend" - but these are rare, as, for the most part, the band loves to channel their classic rock influences. Expect to hear a lot of Zeppelin vs Guns 'N' Roses style material throughout the record.

When you opt to reference old greats in as obvious manner as Electric Guitars do here, you best have the songs to stand up for comparison. While it's, of course, unfair to expect the Danes to live up to such giant expectations, we also have to give credit where credit is due. "String Fever" is probably the most convincing classic rock album I've heard by a Danish band in a long while. That's saying something considering how many dozens (if not hundreds) of wannabe bands we have in this genre nationally. So do yourself a favor: ignore the limitations of their band name and dive straight into the world of 70s psychedelia mixed with retro rock'n'roll attitude. This album has it all.


Download: String Fever, White Flag, Day Off
For the fans of: Wolfmother, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Guns 'N' Roses
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Release date 02.02.2015
Target Records

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