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Wild And Chunky

Written by: PP on 08/02/2015 20:48:42

What do you get when you put together vocalists Andrew Fisher from Basement and Ed McRae from Your Demise in a project with two other lesser known profiles from other bands? The answer, of course, is Great Sale Day, but the sound is likely to come as a total surprise to fans of either band. All hardcore and post-hardcore influences have been dropped to pursue an expression entirely based on the classic 90s alternative sound of Weezer on debut album "Wild And Chunky". Except, it's only Weezer in vibe and in inspiration, whereas the actual expression leans more towards the emotive garage rock scene with The Thermals at the forefront.

With plenty of indie-flavor applied atop the garage rock distortion and lo-fi undertones, the resulting sound is certainly a far cry from anything Basement or Your Demise related. The chilled out melodies roll forward with groovy guitars, with Motion City Soundtrack-esque keyboard backing and nerdy approach to the vocals, but come across as fairly catchy anyway. "Calm Down, Slow Down" is an early highlight, but also the slightly droning and slow-paced "True (Why Can't You Be)" works rather well. The expression, however, is too uniform throughout, thus leaving many songs sounding indistinguishable from each other as the record goes along.

The mood is a little bit too relaxed at times, resulting in tracks lulling about without making any noticeable impression on the listener. With a few catchy songs in between, however, it means Great Sale Day sound fairly decent overall without challenging the best of lists from last year at any point. If nothing else, it offers an intriguing insight into how effortlessly Fisher and McRae can leave their tried-and-tested scenes behind and try something completely different. Still, it's clear that Great Sale Day is just a side project. Nerd rock for Weezer fans, especially if garage influences are your thing.

Download: Calm Down Slow Down, Do Not Want To, True (Why Can't You Be?)
For the fans of: The Thermals, Weezer, Sundials, Broadcaster
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Release date 10.11.2014
Close To Home Records

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