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The Art Of Partying

Written by: PP on 18/08/2007 03:19:55

Earache records just doesn't learn its lesson, leaving me to bitch about their idiotic copy-protection techniques utilized on their latest offering, namely Municipal Waste's new album "The Art Of Partying" (though only on promotional copies). Not only is the album filled with voice-overs stating "You are listening to the new Municipal Waste record The Art Of Partying out soon on Earache records", but its tracks are split so that the 17 tracks consist of 99 'cuts' in total, making it impossible for me to rip it into MP3 format for my iPod. Now tell me how much fucking sense does it make that I receive a promotional copy of an album that I cannot listen without going to a torrent site and downloading a clean version of the album without all of the aforementioned crap? They are trying to prevent piracy, and end up forcing me, the end user, to illegally download the album in order to be able to review it. Earache, if you are reading this, take note of what I just said, because I'm sure you'll find it as ridiculous as I am. But now to the actual review:

Crossover thrash has been raising its eyebrows as of late, and tongue-in-cheek party animals from Municipal Waste are running at the forefront of the new school thrash movement. Their new album "The Art Of Partying" is aptly titled, as live the band chugs beer bongs, encourages body board crowd surfing, and are generally a bunch of hairy dudes having the time of their life right now. That shows through their record, which is jam-packed with songs barely reaching the two minute mark, borrowing both from the hardcore punk and the old school thrash genres. The lyrics from "Born To Party" put it the best: "Municipal Waste is gonna fuck you up *sound of beer cans opening*, repeat".

Aside from being a head bangers wet dream, "The Art Of Partying" is one of the most tightly recorded albums of 2007. The instruments are frantic, but are layered so well that they sound like they're almost touching each other. They band also sounds like they all have attention deficit disorder judging from the manic pace of the instruments, that seem all to be competing which one can play fastest, on every single song. This does make the album repetitive though, as every song fires towards you in bullet speed, all the time, not giving you any space to breathe or to reflect on the songs you've heard. Not that there's much to reflect on, as all of them deal with either partying or alternatively thrashing. It's basically 34 minutes of getting punched in the face by 17 different tracks without a pause. The often used phrase "blasting out of your speakers" is perfect for describing Municipal Waste: they are loud, aggressive and "just wanna rock". Another song title sums up the album better than anything I can say: "Thrashing's My Business...And Business Is Good".


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Release date 31.07.2007
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