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Fail Forward

Written by: PP on 21/01/2015 22:39:42

A few more stragglers left from 2014 before it's time to move full-time onto 2015 releases. Or maybe straggler is a bad word to use considering the relentless tempo that Angers, France's Wank For Peace use during the delivery of their melodic hardcore punk expression throughout sophomore full length "Fail Forward". This is a familiar formula to fans of their earlier output, that includes multiple EPs and splits as well, which together with frequent touring have gained the band a certain degree of notoriety within the European DIY punk rock scene.

Opener "Friends First" treats newcomers to the band with a piercing, razor-sharp expression that combines hardcore-fueled aggression with catchy punk melodies in a manner that best resembles Paint It Black on newer records. From here onwards, though, it's strictly in punk rock territory even if melodic hardcore is a persistent influence. Kid Dynamite inspired explosive choruses are the highlight of the record, perhaps the best example being the instantly sing alongable fist pump anthem "Twelve Cheese Sticks" midway through the album. But tracks two and three, "Heavy Shoulders" and "Five Steps To Nothing", also offer good examples of how to write abrasively fast, aggressive punk music that's also simultaneously catchy. Think along the lines of Go Rydell and After The Fall, both of who channel Lifetime influence through a heavier filter much like Wank For Peace do here.

Admittedly, the band's coarse, smoke-laden screams and yells take a few listens to get used to, but the subtle melody lines are pure gold hereafter. They are perfect for sweaty basement venues where a couple of small circle pits have you holding onto your beer for your dear life as the band showcases their infectious energy on stage. Not exactly revolutionary, but there are a ton of exceptionally good, European style melodic hardcore punk / skate punk tracks scattered through a release that's very solid overall.

Download: Friends First, Heavy Shoulders, Five Steps To Nothing, Twelve Cheese Sticks
For the fans of: Paint It Black, Kid Dynamite, Go Rydell, After The Fall
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Release date 10.10.2014
NoReason Records / Shield Records

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