Delete History EP

Written by: PP on 19/01/2015 17:53:24

Hailing from Southsea and Hants, UK, Misgivings are a tiny punk rock band specializing in playing an interpretation of the genre often dubbed as 'orgcore', or in more serious terms, Midwestern punk rock. That is, passionately sung, almost shouted out, gravelly vocals, low-key production, DIY sound and plenty of sing-along melodies on debut EP "Delete History". References to numerous FEST bands like Typesetter, Ma Jolie, The Great Explainer et al are all over the place, even if the guitars follow a similar melodic punk format as Alkaline Trio on later albums.

With "The Natives" as the centerpiece of the EP, the band deliver an enjoyable, catchy version of that exact style that, in all honesty, is probably not going to have a wider appeal than the passionate cult following the basement style punk rock bands usually have. The vocals are gritty, the production leaves a lot of glitches in the sound and some very obvious imbalances, but for some scribes like me this is part of the charm and leaves behind an honesty-driven expression that's perfect for the tiny venues with a few dozen audience members going crazy. For the time being, the basic punk rock on "Delete History" is just that, though: basic. So unless you're for the intimate, heart-on-your-sleeve type of shouted out melodies and raw guitars, this release probably isn't for you. If that's your thing, however, there's a good selection of decent tunes on offer throughout the six tracks and 22 minutes this record runs through. Not mind blowing or top of the league, but a good start that'll only get better as the band develop as songwriters. Short review for a short EP.

Download: The Natives
For the fans of: Alkaline Trio, Typesetter, Ma Jolie, The Great Explainer
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Release date 03.11.2014

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