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We're Only Human EP

Written by: TL on 17/01/2015 15:27:10

The Toronto quartet Days Like Today is a band that many probably have yet to hear about, but in choosing to have Kenny Bridges of underground emo heroes Moneen work on the production of their newest EP "We're Only Human", they not only get his expertise but also a name that will jump out to people in the scene that read about them. The result of the collaboration is a seven track release which on one hand places the band squarely within the pop-punk scene, yet has an unusual power and urgency to it. The guitars thunder out of your speakers, seemingly louder than whatever else is on your playlist, and when you add the thicker, rowdier style of pop-punk vocals (think Living With Lions or Four Year Strong), you get a high powered sound that leans into the dramatic realms of emocore material from the likes of Story Of The Year or Therefore I Am.

You get only a brief snippet of calm Mark Hoppus-esque singing then, before opening track "What's It Like" goes off to the races like a Box Car Racer on some serious steroids. "Hourglass" is highly similar, although it and "Second Chances" have more characteristic guitar signatures being put in focus from the very beginning. Curiously though, it's "Shibby!" that stands out (not only via the Dude, Where's My Car reference), going for a more typical, light-hearted pop-punk vibe, with lyrics that hit the genre spot on already in the opening lines: "I wanna drink my own weight in beer tonight, so I can drown out all my woes for just one night - Luckily I know some people, who've been going through the same shit as me, and don't have work in the morning". Here the band almost sounds a bit like With The Punches, and aren't any worse off for it, although it seems a little odd with only one such song among the rest, all of which seem more serious.

Getting more balance between the tracks that go hard - as most of the songs on here do - and the ones that take a more bouncy, down-to-earth pop-punk tone, would perhaps be something to consider for the future, as you start to feel like you're missing just a hint of subtlety across the balladic "Hell In My Head", the full speed "Last Call" and the rollicking "Closer". It's like Days Like Today have their hands on a cool nuance of the pop-punk spectrum that's personal to them, which makes them intriguing to put on, but their songs are still a little bit underdeveloped. You sense that there are attempts at building some heartfelt Wonder Years style confessionals here, but that the potential isn't quite realised in those standout highlights you really look for. The verse of "Shibby!" and the hooks in "What's It Like" and "Hourglass" come near, but overall Days Like Today seem like a work in progress - The kind that super fans of the genre can safely check out already now, while others merely make a note to keep an eye on the group's next moves.


Download: Shibby!, Hourglass, Second Chances
For The Fans Of: Four Year Strong, Therefore I Am, Story Of The Year,

Release date 12.12.2014

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