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Written by: PP on 15/01/2015 22:26:13

It is commonly misunderstood in Denmark that just because you have a noisy sound played at a relatively high tempo with obscure vocals, then you're playing punk rock. Those of us having followed the scene and its evolution throughout the 90s and 00s know that's of course not even close to what's really going on in that scene, which hasn't of course stopped the media from hyping bands like Fidlar, iceage, Savages, or Perfect Pussy as the second coming of punk rock. It's a soundscape that's far closer to the hipsterism of post-punk and experimental rock than anything remotely connected with punk, but I digress: if you haven't been following the scene properly, it's easy to be confused about the terminology given their faulty and often misconceived usage in the mainstream media.

What does all of this have to do with Jet Black and their debut EP "4:10", you say? Well I'm glad you asked. The Odense based group namely throws tags like 'gritty and stabbing garagepunk twopiece. Fuzz pedals, punk aesthetics, DIY mind' around pretty freely in their band description, so I'll go ahead and group them straight away into the above stereotype. Musically, their output fits that exact target group just as well: we're dealing with extremely noisy, highly distorted and indeed fuzzy brand of post-punk that aims to attract the same hipster crowds that also found the awful singing and claustrophobic tunes of iceage great on their debut album (note: iceage have changed radically since then). Quick bursts of concentrated distortion and vocals filtered through some sort of effects-pedal themselves, with a distinctly pretentious vibe surrounding the record overall. That's basically "4:10" EP in summary for you laid open in its bare expression. Now, that need not be a bad thing per se, and indeed there are a few moments on the EP that catch your attention for their ultra raw approach that purposefully ignores melodies in favour of buzzing noise. However, where we see bands like Superchunk or even Dinosaur Jr do wonders with warmth-laden melody at the same time as embracing a noisy approach to their guitars, here Jet Black seem to be content at just imitating the cool sound right now in the realm of post-punk.

Whether they do it well or not is a matter of debate, of course. I've personally never been a fan of the entire scene based on all of the bands mentioned in this article being considered its flagship output, with the exception of iceage who quickly realized sounding noisy and DIY isn't a sustainable recipe of success. Perhaps Jet Black will branch out in equal manner in the future, but for now, their ten and a half-minute display of fuzz and noise on an EP isn't going to induce you to lift your eyebrows.

Download: Wolves
For the fans of: iceage, Fidlar, Perfect Pussy, Savages
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Release date 01.09.2014

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