Sun Seeker

New Light EP

Written by: PP on 10/01/2015 20:39:21

Here's a band I ran into by chance sometime last year from Bradenton, Florida. Sun Seeker, as they are called, play a textbook brand of easycore / pop-hardcore that idealistically looks back towards the glory days of 2005-2007, when bands like Set Your Goals, A Day To Remember, Four Year Strong and many others showed how to really combined sugar-coated pop punk choruses with coarsely screamed metalcore/hardcore passages in the same song without it sounding absolutely ridiculous. Recently, Bad Case Of Big Mouth have written pretty much exactly the same album as Sun Seeker are doing here on "New Light" EP, but nevertheless, the result is an equally fun easycore expression that relies on the same elements to make it a good listen.

Where the latter band went overboard with pretty much every element possible in the genre, Sun Seeker opt for a more serious version of the genre, with less overblown dramatic elements rather than a straightforward, bouncy and crunchy expression instead. That actually makes it more difficulty to take seriously the decipherable screams like "you are probably sleeping by the time that i get up" on opener "Let's Color Together" (seriously?), because they appear to be only screamed for the sake of being screamed rather than actually fortifying an emotion or a call/response pattern of sorts. That being said, the songs are infectiously catchy, with especially "Pop Goes Bluegrass" leaving behind a positive, upbeat impression overall. It's nothing you wouldn't have heard on other bands' records before, but it's nonetheless an engaging listen overall.

That said, the clean vocals are slightly more angsty and emo-driven, which will definitely leave many easycore fans cold. They aren't as fun-driven, summery and upbeat as is the norm in the genre, so that might be an issue going forward. Still, the songs presented here so far are decent, and suggest we need to keep a close eye on Sun Seeker in the future.

Download: Let's Color Together, Pop Goes Bluegrass
For the fans of: Bad Case Of Big Mouth, A Day To Remember, Set Your Goals, Veara
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Release date 27.07.2014

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