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Written by: TL on 15/08/2007 01:12:57

I don't get it. I really really don't. And by it what I mean is the ridiculous amount of hype of The Devil Wears Prada that is continually going around "the scene". It only serves to prove that the majority of said scene is so consumed by the concept of trend-moshing that it happily embraces any chaotic screamfest that might present an occasion to form a kung-fu pit.

Just as on the preceding record "Dear Love, A Beautiful Discord", the sound on the new album "Plagues" can be described as a sinister mauling of guitars drenched in theatrical synth-work and obscene death metal vocals. Were it not for the synths and the occasional ray of light in form of some Chiodos-like clean vocals, these guys would sound like a poor man's Bring Me The Horizon, as their chaotic start-stop-repeat approach on playing guitar riffs is what pretty much trademarked BMTH's widely acclaimed debut full length. The poor man's saying I stick to them simply because they're not pulling it off anywhere nearly as well. Where BMTH's delivery was so bursting with bitterness you simply knew they meant business, TDWP only succeed at sounding like they're desperately trying to imititate the styles of bands like the ones mentioned in the For The Fans Of section below here.

You see this is a band that seems to have completely ignored the idea of bringing the elements of their sound together in the form of anything that might ever come close to being called a song. Their tracks do simply not make sense, and while bands like Converge can easily make chaos look like an artform, these guys only make it seem like their music is out of control because they lost control.. Or never even bothered to seize it. And when this goes for every single track on the album, the redeeming power of the cool riffs and breakdowns that are in fact occasionally to be found if you bother looking for them, it sadly cannot be overlooked that "Plagues" is a completely forgettable experience. The Devil Wears Prada is quickly rushing towards being the kind of band that "sounds like every other band out there", and if they don't start caring about giving their songs more content than a comical title and some gothic keyboard sounds, they're gonna be stuck as a band only capable of exciting the mosh-crazed scenesters.


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For the fans of: Bring Me The Horizon, Drop Dead Gorgeous, I Killed The Prom Queen
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Release Date 21.08.2007
Rise Records
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