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Written by: MN on 02/01/2015 15:43:36

Eden Circus have remained totally under the radar for me, and it has come to my attention that this German quintet actually spent a substantial amount of time on jam sessions and thereafter on the live scene, gathering enough experience and allowing the songs to be polished up before even entering a studio. This meticulousness has payed off as this debut record is consistent in theme, mature in songwriting and best of all, contains its very own unique character. In terms of style, Eden Circus straddle the borders of post-metal/rock, prog-metal and alternative rock. The prog-elements are reminiscent of some Opeth production, while the ubiquitous and strong presence of guitars alludes to the sounds of This Will Destroy You. Most of all, however, Eden Circus sounds a lot like some of the best Deftones and Tool works, but stray far from sounding like copycats. Just like another Lifeforce-signed artist, namely Doyle Airence, "Marula" is a record with very good production and a very distinct melancholic tone. Now, let's talk some details about the actual release.

"101" is a complex track where one should pay close attention to the drum fills and sweeps as they add another whole new dimension to this "post"-prog-track, soaring and squealing guitars vary the levels of the highly bass-driven track and eventually heightens the suspense and brings in a sledgehammer heavy passage with huge complexity. "Comfort" is one of the slower tracks that starts off in a standard way, but eventually retires the complexity to a slow and reflective song that alludes to nostalgia of 90s rock and the slightly raspy voice delivered is as honest as can be. One of the most catchy riffs of the entire record can be found on "Summon A Ghost" that with its warmth and dark red timbre is truly a great listening experience. "A Shore Uncertainty" is another highlight along with the single "Her Lovely Hands Upon The Black Earth". It is truly an accomplishment to write songs of such length with success. The vocal contributions are not a weightless addition, they are in fact performed extremely well.

"Marula" is a record that is deemed to be a grower. It is not hugely complex in technicalities, but there are enough intricacies to keep the listener coming back for more discoveries. In fact, it is refreshing to see a post-rock band that keeps it stripped to the core without asinine complexity, the 9 songs on "Marula" are just really well composed rock songs. I would take a listen, if I were you.


Download: Comfort, A Shore Uncertainty,
For The Fans Of: Palms, Isis, Incubus
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Release date 16.10.2014
Lifeforce Records

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