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Written by: TL on 13/08/2007 02:02:20

In the stream of pretentiousness and attempts at coming up with something new and fresh, that is the music scene of today, it is becoming increasingly refreshing (and difficult!) to discover bands who are willing to simply cut the crap and focus on making music with no other purpose than 'rocking'. Scottish sensation Biffy Clyro however is exactly one such band and after being hyped for a while on the background of their previous albums, with "Puzzle" they're taking things to an even higher level.

"Living Is A Problem Because Everything Dies" opens the album with a very dramatic intro-part, raising expectations immediately, which is not a problem, as the song itself starts fulfilling them just as quickly."Saturday Superhouse" doesn't leave it anything left to be desired and the momentum is effectively kept, while it is possibly even strengthened on devilishly catchy "Who's Got A Match". So far the three piece is sounding like Foo Fighters or possibly Queens Of The Stone Age on one of their better days, except they're still clearly different, mainly displayed in the thick Scottish accent Simon and Neil sing in.

From here on out however, the album starts to slowly lose it's breath, and while songs like the classic discopunk-ish "A Whole Child Ago", the progressive "Now I'm Everyone" and the powerful "Get Fucked Stud" are still awesome songs, they don't quite reach the same level as the opening trinity, and then there's still the quite frankly a-little-too-traditional ballads "As Dust Dances" and "Folding Stars".

Nevertheless, I'm grasping at straws here, because overall "Puzzle" is a way beyond decent album, so accessible and yet still interesting that I'd recommend it to pretty much everyone. Rock-solid effort deserving of at least a


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For the fans of: Foo Fighters, Queens Of The Stone Age, Funeral For A Friend
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Release Date 21.05.2007
14thFloor Records

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