Eyes And Ears

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Vancouver-based quartet Quartered released their debut album “Walks Like A Ghost” in 2010. Besides the amazing single track “Casa” from earlier this year, we have not had another proper release from the band until two months ago, when they came out with their new excellent self-released album “Eyes And Ears”. Quartered play an interesting form of alt. metal/hard rock and this new album shows some very impressive work from the band.

“Eyes And Ears” consists of eight songs that are all of high quality and worth a listen. One might say that eight is a sort of small number of tracks for an album, but I would take eight great songs over twelve mediocre any day. Much like Lesser Key, who released their amazing self titled debut EP earlier this year, the sources of inspiration for this new version of alt. metal/hard rock can be heard in Quartered’s work, and bands like Deftones and Thrice are clearly major influences. Not so much though that the band feels like a carbon copy or that it does not have its own identity. With a tremendous understanding of how to write great songs that are equal parts heavy, aggressive and melancholic, Quartered use their influences as a strong foundation to take the style to the next level and perhaps even help introduce it to a new generation of fans.

Front man Greggor Williams switches his vocal performance between singing and raw, high-pitched screaming. He is constantly balancing on the line between clean melodies and more of a dissonant, slightly off-key approach reminiscent of the style of Chino Moreno (Deftones). It can become a little strenuous to listen to at times, but overall he gives a really good and varied performance throughout the album. His style is indicative of the band’s attitude to song writing as well with the songs constantly challenging the listener with varying song structures that will take several listens in order to fully grasp. Quartered play with a lot of passion and effectively convey a great mixture of aggression and melancholy that should appeal to fans of various forms of alt. rock/metal and is sure to catch the attention of various record companies in the near future. “Eyes And Ears” is a very strong album release from Quartered.

Download: Blink Blink Flash, Call Me Crazy (But There’s Death In The Air), Violent Love, Speak Of The Devil, Echoes
For the fans of: Deftones, 10 Years, Thrice, The Overseer, Thirty Seconds To Mars, Lesser Key
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Release date 07.10.2014

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