Coming Of Age EP

Written by: PP on 25/12/2014 13:11:36

Homebound are a Farnham, UK based pop punk band who released their debut EP "Coming Of Age" earlier this year. They play a particularly polished form of poppy pop punk that's complemented by a few crunchy guitars that draws your mind towards Living With Lions and Me Vs Hero to an extent. Most of the heavy distortion has been ironed away by the production, however, resulting in a glossy sound that's about as generic pop punk as it gets for the duration of the EP.

Five songs and an intro track is what we get in total where Homebound attempt to convince us they're worth paying attention to in the pop punk scene. Occasionally, such as on "Turning Point" or on "Second Best & No Regrets", they manage a catchy chorus melody and a bouncy rhythm that qualifies as somewhat interesting, but the truth is the vast majority of hooks on the record are sub par compared to what the better bands are doing in pop punk right now. On top of that, the vocal delivery being what it is, lacking in energy and irresistible melodies, it's difficult to consider "Coming Of Age" as anything special, considering it's in a crowded genre with lots of great releases coming out almost on a weekly basis.

The songs aren't bad per se, but they don't grab your attention either. In pop punk you've either got to be catchy, intellectual, or hyper energetic to sound convincing. Here, Homebound are none of those, leaving behind a nothingsaying impression of mediocrity instead.

Download: Second Best & No Regrets, Turning Point
For the fans of: Living With Lions, Broadway Calls, Me Vs Hero, Veara
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Release date 21.07.2014

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