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Just a year after the release of their last album “Elite”, Massachusetts-based metalcore/deathcore technicians Within The Ruins are back with a new album entitled “Phenomena”, which was released earlier this year. The band is known for its high level of energy and technical prowess and not much has changed since their last album. “Phenomena” is indeed a typical Within The Ruins album, with the positives and negatives which that includes.

Fans of the band can be rest assured that this album will not disappoint. You pretty much know what you are in for, when you start listening to a Within The Ruins record. The djenty, down-tuned syncopated riffs supplied with fast and melodic guitar licks as well as vocalist Tim Goergen belting out his strong and clear growl still sound great. Although the songs are very similar, and the album does not really feature tracks which stand out as more exceptional than the rest, this never really becomes a problem. The album flows well together and continuously show off the impressive skills of its creators. However, much like the rest of the band’s albums, “Phenomena” suffers from the fact that there is absolutely no emotion to detect, and the songs sound like they are played by machines. The production is perfectly crisp, and the band’s tightness is remarkable, but an emotional connection with the listener is never established.

Furthermore, the band’s music has a spacey, otherworldly quality to it, which might seem charming or kind of stupid depending on the recipient. While the music for the most part is fun and enticing, it can seem rather goofy at times. This is exhibited for instance on instrumental track “Enigma”, which melodies sound like something from a NES-game and even includes some of the melody from the Inspector Gadget intro theme. As ridiculous as this stuff is, it is again executed with the band’s trademark supreme precision and somehow makes sense in the musical universe that Within The Ruins have established during their four full lengths and a few EPs. Connoisseurs of the band will notice that the album features the third part of the instrumental “Ataxia” trilogy as well. “Phenomena” is another tight and well played album from Within The Ruins that is sure to please fans of the band.


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For the fans of: Veil Of Maya, Molotov Solution, Born Of Osiris, All Shall Perish
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Release date 22.07.2014
E1 Music/Good Fight Music

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