Black Light White Light

Gold Into Dreams

Written by: PP on 22/12/2014 21:21:30

Black Light White Light is a Copenhagen / Malmö based alternative rock band whose sophomore record "Gold Into Dreams" recalls two distinct sounds in particular: the hillbilly rock'n'roll of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and circa-"Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants"-era Oasis in a nice fusionist soundscape. It does so rather well, I might add, executing its spacious, echoing sound destined for arena-sized stages to near-perfection. It's a distortion-driven soundscape with a fuzzy feeling that doesn't forget to be catchy when necessary, but the fact that it is drenched in psychedelia is what gives the expression its textured detail.

Late 90s / early 2000s Brit rock influences generally run wild throughout the album. You'll also hear nuances and undertones of bands like Stereophonics and Blur in the process, though the primary inspiration is clearly the two bands mentioned earlier. The vocals are smooth and soothing, droning at just right wavelengths giving the songs a prolonged and progressive vibe, even though they are very clearly alternative rock songs at heart. Opening one-two punch "High Like A Hurricane" and "Sex And Fury" are the highlights of the album, but later on "We See The Light" once again recalls Oasis at their darkest and most experimental, thus completing a cycle which has seen the band revisit more acoustic songwriting in the process on the title track among others. This is where the band are at their best, when the vocals are effect-laden, the guitars expansive in the soundscape, and the atmosphere encompassed in psychedelia.

It's a refreshing to hear a Danish band channel their influence in this way, emulating a genre that hasn't really been in the spotlight for quite some time now in such a successful manner without sounding at all dated in the process. That's the beauty of rock music - when you own a sound that's timeless, it might originate from a different decade but it'll never sound like it's old or irrelevant. Here, Black Light White Light have convinced me with excellent songs that stick to your head with their dreamy sound; yet another candidate for the best rock album in 2014 by a Danish band.


Download: High Like A Hurricane, Sex And Fury, We See The Light, And The Devil
For the fans of: Oasis, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Blur, Stereophonics
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Release date 22.09.2014
Target Records

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