Lower Than Atlantis

Lower Than Atlantis

Written by: PP on 21/12/2014 23:41:11

For their first major label album, Lower Than Atlantis decide to make themselves a perfect exhibit in how selling out sounds like in practice. The self-titled album completes a long transition from being a hardcore punk band on "Far Q" into being an overpolished pop band with lackluster melodies containing regrettably few hints of their otherwise brilliant talent for writing catchy and emotive alternative rock songs that we saw on "World Record". "Changing Tune" was already a step in the wrong direction in this scribe's ears, but the sheer amount of irritating songs that delve about as deep into pop music as Fall Out Boy did on "Folie A Deux" is simply too much.

Though the album picks up in quality considerably towards the second half of the record, it's unlikely many Lower Than Atlantis fans will make it that far after the band toy with substance less and pompous pop melodies on opener "Here We Go" or on the awful "English Kids In America". Yes, it's catchy, but it makes All Time Low sound like a punk rock band in comparison, and this pattern repeats itself for the first seven songs to an extent where most of us will simply have thrown the record into the bin before reaching tracks like "Live Slow, Die Old". Here, the band tone the pop influence down considerably and instead offer insight into why this band was signed by a major label in the first place: great vocal melodies and solid guitar hooks working together to provide a fantastic chorus to hit a home run.

It's just too little, too late. By focusing on superfluous pop melodies the band go for the lowest common denominator music fans at the expense of us music enthusiasts. The simplistic song constructs presented here are both transparent and devoid of emotion. And although much of that can be attributed to the unnecessary amount of polish in both the vocals and the instrumentals, some of it is also the band going for a more popular music oriented songwriting approach than before. It comes at the cost of great songs.

Download: Live Slow, Die Old; Damn Nation; Time
For the fans of: Fall Out Boy, All Time Low, Blitz Kids, Set It Off
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Release date 06.10.2014

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