Zero Gravity

Holocaust Awaits

Written by: EW on 20/12/2014 23:05:42

Always being interested in investigating metal originating from nations outside the genre’s heartlands I decided to take on the debut album from thrash/death act Zero Gravity on the basis of their Indian heritage. My professional life away from review writing takes in considerable interaction with Indians, none of whom I doubt have even heard any heavy metal, so it comes as some intrigue to witness the hammering blows of a five piece playing a typically modern, highly processed metal sound fronted by an otherwise unassuming-looking frontwoman.

Zero Gravity’s style is that most typical combination of thrash and death bursting at the seams with aggression and youthful vigour but in another typically modern reflection, critically lacking in unique identity or musicianship feeling. As "Screaming Agony" loses it’s rag and dives headlong into beatdown territory for it’s closing quarter, or that "Blasphemy" backs a worthy lead line with a non-descript staccato rhythm or "Pistol in My Hand" with it’s Decapitated-esque studio-enhanced distracting from some more noteworthy leads atop, Zero Gravity are essentially an accurate reflection of most modern metal acts early in their life-cycle, but with an unusual backstory. Where individual riffs can, and do, stand out from the rest, such as moments of "Chronicles of the Radical Mind”, the high bridging notes in "Weapon’s Edge" or especially the first riff proper in the title track then Zero Gravity suggest potential somewhat different from the norm but coming enclosed in the cold, derivative production heard all too often these days - triggered drums and a heavily processed guitar sound attempting to eliminate the last vestiges of human error - any sense of lasting satisfaction is traded in for short-term intrigue for the easily pleased.

But still, "Holocaust Awaits" is no tragic effort. I really rather enjoy listening to the spoken word sections of frontwoman Kratika Bagora in a couple of tracks more for her pleasing accent than anything, while her harsh vocal prowess is pretty fierce and is a massive credit to the overall sound. Furthermore when riffs are prioritised instead of top-string chugging the outlook for the band is more positive - Zero Gravity are far from the most guilty of this crime but any instance of chugging is effectively a concession of having nothing better to fill the time. Every significant town in countries across the world will be well-populated with acts sounding like Zero Gravity and thus I see little hope of any notable impressions being made by "Holocaust Awaits" but as proof of metal’s universal ability to engage and offer an outlet for expression then here is yet more evidence. Recording with a more tailored production and continued refinement of songwriting are obvious areas for improvement but all in all a commendable effort in the circumstances.


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Release date 02.11.2014
Transcending Obscurity India

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