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Written by: TL on 10/08/2007 23:14:47

I am to reviewers what Chuck Norris is to Delta Force... So when a promo arrives that demands almost saintly levels of open mindedness and rhetorical skills in order for it to get an appropriate review, I am the one who's called upon. Hence it is of no surprise to anyone that when we get a copy of a cd by the highly debated Drowning Pool, a band most known for their single "Bodies"'s unfortunate association with footage of ignorant grunts gung-ho'ing their way through the Iraqi territory, the TL signal inevitably appears in the night sky, and I am never one to disappoint, so here we go, for king and country! (or NOT!)

Drowning Pool has indeed been quite the center of controversy recently, as they are possibly one of the only bands on the planet who are willing to openly support any aspect of the American involvement in Iraq. In this world of Green Day that means "commercial suicide" for all you guys who're not on the leftist bandwagon. I know what I feel about that, you know what you feel, and with that settled I think we can safely get on with covering the bands actual music.

There, I've wasted half a review before getting on about the music, but don't worry, you're not missing out, because the new Drowning Pool record "Full Circle" is about as predictable as a history lesson. The guys are still clinging to the basic nu-metal formula that earned success for them and their contemporaries in Static-X and SOiL, and while it is possible to tell a difference with their new vocalist (Ryan Combes, ex-SOiL) the very old fashioned liquor-drenched style he brings to the table is more than a little similar to the one Dave Williams utilized before his untimely death. The most notable change is in how many songs on the new record seem more streamlined for stadiums than the old material, in the way focus has shifted a bit from the aggression of old to reside heavier on groovy riffage and more sing-along friendly and melodic choruses. On some tracks I'm even more drawn towards using the term hard rock than nu-metal.

Regardless, while I can't find anything wrong enough to tear "Full Circle" apart, I can't really find anything really memorable about it either. "Soldiers" stands out, but I think that's mostly because of the relevancy of it, considering the band's current political agenda, and after the troops pull out of Iraq, it'll most likely fade in your memory along with the rest of the album. I hate to say it, but it's a record like this that makes even me admit that most nu-metal simply seems old and tired by now, and doing a by-the-books record in the genre is hardly going to amaze anyone anymore.


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Release Date 07.08.2007
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