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Written by: PP on 16/12/2014 21:45:49

Trash Talk have been releasing albums at a steady pace every couple of years or so since their 2007 debut "Walking Disease", so it's no surprise to find us here once again in 2014 with a new album called "No Peace", the fifth of its kind from the hardcore group. At this point in time it's probably unrealistic to expect anything else but more of the same from the group, because after all, they've been relentless and stubborn in releasing the same hyper-aggressive, razor-sharp brand of visceral hardcore/punk for years now with no interest in elevating themselves out of the monotonous mould. Yet "No Peace" suggests there's something of merit in the band that at least personally I haven't been able to find in the band's previous releases. Heavy on the grooves this time around, the band's uncompromising onslaught of energetic hardcore finally has a few key moments to latch onto, where it's actually possible to tell one song apart from the next, something that has otherwise been a recurring problem on Trash Talk records in the past.

One of the highlight moments on "No Peace" doing just that is the surprisingly catchy "S.O.S.", which draws parallels to Gallows' work on their self-titled third album when Wade MacNeil joined the band and they opted for a far more conventional hardcore driven approach. Similarly, "Cloudkicker" and opener "Amnesiatic" captivate because of their sheer energy that Trash Talk for once have managed to capture on record to a similar extent as it happens at their live shows. "Leech" is fairly catchy and features a tempo change to a mildly slower style from the breakneck speed, take-no-prisoners approach taken throughout most of the album. Let's just say it's not for the faint hearted. But more importantly, these songs finally display variety which has been a consistent problem for Trash Talk as mentioned earlier. The raw vocals apply different patterns to the yells to create moments of contrast, the riffs rely heavily on groove as their primary ingredient aside from the down-tuned shredding, and in general, it feels like there's an idea behind the songs that extends beyond just being hardcore as fuck.

Keeping that in mind "No Peace" is arguably the band's most successful record to date from an artistic point of view. Of course, the purists will decry the band's deviance from the monotone hardcore punk of previous album into something slightly (and I mean that in the exact meaning of the word) more ambitious. But this is exactly what Trash Talk need to take their frenetic live experience forward to a bigger audience - a record with songs people can actually listen to.

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Release date 03.06.2014
Trash Talk Collective / Odd Future Records

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