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Written by: PP on 16/12/2014 00:14:32

To write uncompromising music has always been the modus operandi for The Psyke Project. It's therefore no surprise to find ex-members Christian Bonnesen and Rasmus Sejersen in a new project that sources its brutal soundscape from a similarly blackened, eerily cold/dark origins as The Psyke Project one specially their later releases where they dropped chaos and mathcore elements in favour of a more systematically brooding and rhythmically pulsating style. Much like TPP, LLNN delves deep into the realm of experimental metal, drawing its inspiration equally much from murky sludge metal as it does from ambient post-metal and blackened hardcore. Together, these genres create a blend that's best described as dark, uncompromising, and most of all, murky, reflection the desolate Scandinavian winter sonically in an almost perfect manner.

"Marks" EP is the debut outing by the group. They waste no time in introductions and throw the listener straight in the midst of crushing sludge metal based blackened hardcore, with a hint of melody on the background for some post-metal references on the side. It's very TPP-alike instrumentally, whereas the vocals are a little more reminiscent of successful post-metallers Redwood Hill who are going for a similarly evil and barren soundscape instrumentally as LLNN here. Converge has been an influence as well, mostly from the slower and more atmospheric "Jane Doe" era than the blistering chaos of "No Heroes". And atmosphere is something that is omnipresent on "Marks" - mostly of the crushing, brutal, and uncompromising kind. The aim has clearly been to deliver a musical landscape devoid of hope and beauty, while paradoxically offering exactly the latter through a misanthropic and hostile soundscape. It's difficult to become friends with, but yet it's hypnotizing and hard to let go of. It's ravaging and relentless in its slow back-and-forth pounding, but as "Eye Of The Covenant" so well demonstrates,the slight hint of melodic ambiance on the background is enough to make me intrigued. While there's still ways to go before reaching TPP's brilliance, "Marks" EP is an exceptional debut that promises many good things to come.

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For the fans of: The Psyke Project, Redwood Hill
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Release date 25.06.2014

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