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Seasons EP

Written by: EL on 15/12/2014 15:02:20

Having formed only a little over a year ago, Confessions Of A Traitor, have been boldly breaking into the metalcore and hardcore scene taking the overpopulated genre to new heights with their recently released EP, “Seasons”. If breakdowns are what you want, then breakdowns are what you shall find in this EP.

The first track of the EP opens up with “Scavengers” which is a guitar riffing, bass chugging, chorus-laden track and an incredible feat of music. Vocalist Stephen MacConville’s vocals are overpowering and controlling. This song is big, it’s loud and it has every intention of making you throw down to its bone grinding breakdowns. The guitar melody is so well crafted it really holds up the tempo as well as they intricately thought out drums and bass.

“Cause & Effect” proceeds to display an exceptional talent for songwriting as the words really hit home. The intro is forceful and sets us up for an awesome intro to an awesome bass and guitar line. The tempo is revved up, and the breakdowns continue to be hurled into the mix. Stephen’s “EUCH” which is often accompanied by a large stomp and jump from Stephen at live performances, and the drums crashing down like the sound of an echoing clockwork, together combined, make for an exceptionally well-paced decision. It is no question that this band really know how to set up a melody and know how to provide more than just some benign, recycled riffs and breakdowns we hear all too often in this industry.

The third track, “The Wolf, The Pack”, slowly builds up with a short drum intro, which continues the metal/hardcore theme with awesome results. This song is more passionate as it appeals to their fans who they recognise they would be nothing without. More “EUCH”’s follow, more ridiculously impressive guitar riffs, which are reminiscent of something more old school and raw which is what I really love about these guys. They aren’t trying to follow a fad or a “current” theme, they are setting themselves apart from the rest by really going back to basics and thus have provided us with an incredibly mature and well produced EP. To be able to create something so incredible for so a young band, I have absolutely no doubt that Confessions Of A Traitor will be around for a long time and will definitely rise quickly in the ranks of the metal and hardcore scene.

Picking up the head spinning pace again with their fourth track, “Sweat & Blood” they again reaffirm why they have grown so quickly. The pace is perfect, the vocals are gutteral and raw, the drums provide an overwhelming rhythmic support and the bass and guitar go to extra lengths to really lay down the melodic foundations of this track. The bass, especially when heard properly, has a really sick and memorable chug about half way through the song and it caught my attention immediately.

Next up is definitely the most aggressive and animalistic track of the EP. “The Blinded” is blindingly fast and brutally unapologetic. “You liar, You faker, You coward, You Traitor!” rises up from the depths and blasts us into a furious wave of unrelenting force and unparalleled heights.

Their final track, “Where Horizons Meet”, is 8 minutes of pure, astounding musical finesse. It’s emotional, atmospheric, has a stunning melodic and instrumental intro that slowly builds us up for an ultimate climax as the drums slowly beat down louder and louder until suddenly Stephen’s vocals angrily echo down into an abyss. This is one of the best songs I have ever heard on an EP before, especially for a band that is this new to the scene. It’s cinematic and powerful and overwhelmingly passionate with so many different intervals, overtures, climaxes and waves and waves of astounding, incredible musical decisions.

If you want breakdowns, within breakdowns and enough lung busting choruses to make you soil yourself, then look no further; Confessions Of A Traitor are here to rip your head off and stick breakdowns down your neck.


Download: Cause & Effect, Where Horizons Meet
For The Fans Of: Killswitch Engage, While She Sleeps

Release date 25.09.2014

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