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Alex I Am Nothing

Written by: PP on 09/12/2014 00:17:06

Museum Mouth play an interesting mix between the erratic singer-songwriter stuff of Andrew Jackson Jihad and the rowdy garage punk of The Thermals, sitting perfectly a halfway point between the two bands. Their third album, "Alex I Am Nothing", is therefore unsurprisingly quirky, noisy, and odd at the same time, whilst retaining catchy melodies embedded within the fuzzy and distortion-lande guitar sounds. And there's more: it's a concept album about becoming obsessed about someone you can't have, told through a gay person's perspective. A neat and daring concept even as the LGBT movement's popular support is at an all time high in 2014.

The album is packed with angular and unconventional guitars characterized by the buzzing distortion and plenty of effects pedals in the process. This stretches into the vocals as well, which are manipulated into a coarse and echoing style, which certainly requires quite some getting used to. Still, the shouty approach works on "Handsome And Boring" and particularly the super weird album opener "Alex Impulse", which takes quite a few artistic liberties in how unusual an odd a song can sound like while still retaining its catchy elements.

The concept is nicely executed throughout the record, and definitely one that should catch the attention of many struggling and/or feeling frustrated with their sexual identity differing from the target of their affection. But even without the concept, the heavily distorted album leaves its mark on its listener because of how different it sounds from everyone else right now. Not going to dominate end-of-year lists, but a surprisingly decent and quirky little album designed to make the cold winter months feel a little bit warmer through its fuzzy energy.


Download: Alex Impulse, Drool, Handsome And Boring
For the fans of: Andrew Jackson Jihad, The Thermals
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Release date 27.05.2014
Self-Aware Records

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