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Tomorrow Morning EP

Written by: PP on 08/12/2014 23:27:02

My Secret Place is a folk rock / singer-songwriter duo from Copenhagen, who released their new EP "Tomorrow Morning" earlier this year. They basically channel their inner Beatles / Beach Boys influence into a folksy, semi-acoustic soundscape that's as simple as it is safe an inoffensive, basically not much unlike Kim Larsen except less P3 family friendly pop music in comparison. There's the odd harmonica, southern style classic rock melody (think "Sweet Home Alabama" in terms of the guitar tone), and casual acoustic guitars supporting fairly nondescript singing that's not particularly good if you ask me.

During the 20 minutes that "Tomorrow Morning" EP lasts, the band go through five songs of absolutely nothingsaying singer-songwriter material with the odd folk influence as mentioned before, but it's basically of the in one ear, out the other kind of variety. The songs are not necessarily generic rather than that they leave no impression on the listener even after multiple active listening sessions. Plus, there's the fact that this seems to be aimed at the 50+ audience that makes the whole EP feel completely irrelevant in the context of the 2014 music scene. I'm having a hard time seeing who would listen to this while also counting themselves as a new music enthusiast like most of those people reading this magazine on a regular basis. It's not that the instrumentation is bad; it's tight enough and the production is decent. It's just that the songs do nothing at least for this scribe.

Download: Changes, The Bees
For the fans of: The Beatles, Beach Boys, Kim Larsen
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Release date 14.06.2014

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