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Despite having released next to nothing, and despite overplaying the domestic scene way less than underground bands tend to do in Denmark, Copenhagen trio LSD On CIA is a group that almost everyone into alternative music here have at least heard about at one point or another. The name has seemingly bounced around for years, while the band has built a reputation for playing energetic live-shows both here and abroad, yet it was only recently that their work actually manifested as a debut album, out now bearing the same name as its parents. On it, LSD On CIA have recorded their brazen and often obscene indie/noise-punk, which thrives on rhythms at times funky - at times QOTSA-esque - in their groove, on angular, surprising signature riffs and on the singing of guitarist Mikkel Konyher, who sports a nasal normal voice and a screeching falsetto that sounds like he grew up listening to Matt Bellamy's efforts on early Muse material.

The leading single, "Dive Into The Dark", sounds weird as hell on first spin, but soon proves to be catchier than first expected, and the same goes for the album's other highlights, mainly "Anal Sunshine" and "Now You Know", both of which join the single as "LSD On CIA"'s more melodious and coherent moments. On here, the band's potential for eerie melodies and surprising tempo changes are best realised, while elsewhere you can get the feeling that what some would call a minimalistic approach, could perhaps also be viewed more cynically as a relatively simplistic back and forth where Konyher's trippy lyrics solicit repetitive responses from one of his quirky riffs.

The group, who is also known for staggering around stages all skinny and bare-chested, and for collaborating closely with artist Kristian von Hornsleth, has a certain sense of both mystique and uniqueness to their sound, which does earn them more points than your average band of young hellraisers who have fallen in love with setting the rulebooks to everything ablaze - And their debut album works decently as an extension of this expression. But much like pop-art, it'll make you raise an eyebrow, yet the novelty isn't likely to run too deep, as the intentionally bare-bones style gets to feeling a bit snotty, especially because the production doesn't quite kick you as hard in the teeth as you'd want from a band going for an off the walls impression. Song titles like "I Love Me" or the grindcore-ish outro of "Young, Dumb & Full of Cum" make promises of controversy that the production does not keep, and you get the feeling that the band needs to take some of their renowned live energy and copy it over to the writing stage, where their ideas could need to be developed into something slightly more elaborate. This may sound like old man's talk of course, and if you'd like a hit of what young, punk-ish energy sounds like when unconcerned with the genre conventions around it, LSD On CIA could merit a listen from you.

Download: Anal Sunshine, Dive Into The Dark, Now You Know, Part Of The Monster
For The Fans Of: Drenge, Dance With Dirt, Muse ('s old stuff), Queens Of The Stone Age

Release date 03.11.2014

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