Painted Desperation EP

Written by: PP on 04/12/2014 20:38:02

The legion of bands attempting to re-create a recording as spectacular as Title Fight's "Floral Green" continues with Reward, who join a long line of bands (Citizen, Half Hearted Hero, Ivy League TX, Light Years, Turnover, et al) going for a slightly dreamy, yet passionately crooned and nearly screamed brand of post-hardcore that also hints at grunge undertones in the process. If that sounds familiar, then that's because Reward also channel their inner Balance & Composure influence on a number of tracks, where particularly the measured and intricate instrumentation of "Soft Teeth" draw parallels to said band. In fact, throughout the five tracks of "Painted Desperation" EP you'll notice the band balancing on a tightrope between the two bands, one moment leaning more towards the more aggressive nature of Title Fight's music, and the next going for the more contemplative and spectacularly atmospheric style of Balance & Composure.

Truth is, Reward may sound a little bit too much like these two bands for the time being, because it's difficult to not feel like you're listening to one or the other as you go through the EP. It's a shame, because this group of songs are all depth-laden and brilliantly written, with particularly the closing screams to "Hooked" after a lengthy build up showcasing the kind of hair-raising moments Reward seem to be able to write so effortlessly. Vocally and instrumentally the similarities are unnerving, yet Reward pull out of it gracefully thanks to their songwriting ability. The soft croons shift to ravaging screams, the instrumentation is slow to mid tempo with intriguing arrangements often sacrificing speed in favour of atmospherics and thoughtful passages. This works, and "Painted Desperation" suggests Reward are one of the bands to watch in 2015.

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For the fans of: Balance & Composure, Title Fight, Ivy League TX, Light Years, Turnover
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Release date 24.06.2014
Mutant League Records

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