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Written by: MBC on 21/11/2014 15:22:16

One can often wonder if the deathcore genre has run its course and if new releases are still relevant in this day and age. As is the case with any subgenre, once it gets flooded with mediocre releases, it becomes almost unbearable to pay attention to. Luckily, there still are a few good bands within the perimeters of the genre. Among them are Australian sextet Aversions Crown. On their new full length “Tyrant”, which comes out today on Nuclear Blast Records, the band shows great promise, but ultimately fails to deliver a modern classic.

The album is the second full length from Aversions Crown and follow-up to “Servitude” from 2011. Since it has been three years since their last release, and with this new album coming out on a titan label like Nuclear Blast, the band definitely has a lot to prove. Throughout the album, Aversions Crown switch between death metal viciousness, deathcore grooves and slow and heavy parts with ominous and otherworldly atmospherics. No doubt has the band upped their game from their last album, which was a rather mediocre deathcore presentation, but they still have not managed to create a truly outstanding album with “Tyrant”. Now, the band definitely does have all the merits to do so and is an absolute beast with three guitarists on 8-strings, ridiculously fast double bass drums and the demonic vocal assault of front man Colin Jeffs. In a few instances, the band manages to utilise this powerful constellation to produce lethal doses of death metal brutality or otherwise great moments.

Among these is the very strong album opener “Hollow Planet” which is one of the best and most brutal tracks on the album with lightning quick machine gun blast beats and an absolutely ferocious vocal performance from Jeffs switching between hellishly low growls and mid-to-high pitched screams. Second track “The Glass Sentient” is another highlight in which the band displays its ability to expand their sound with a more dynamic, melodic death metal approach. “Overseer” opens with Jeffs gutturals quickly followed by a great staccato groove and a simple and haunting guitar melody. The switches between fast and slow parts make the album not feel too repetitive and the songs vary in structure throughout.

Unfortunately though, again and again Aversions Crown fall back on breakdowns. The guitar tone is crushingly heavy which gives them a lot of impact. But it really is a shame to have three guitarists at times reduced to be playing the same breakdown. Besides this, “Tyrant” just does not feel very memorable even after having listened through it several times and is lacking in truly magical instances. Ultimately it stands as a decent effort with a few great moments.


Download: Hollow Planet, The Glass Sentient, Earth Sterilister, Overseer
For the fans of: Thy Art Is Murder, Dweller, Aegaeon, Oceano, Molotov Solution
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Release date 21.11.2014
Nuclear Blast

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