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No Use For A Name has been a part of the melodic punk scene longer than most can remember. They've been a band for an admirable twenty years now and released ten solid So-Cal skate punk albums in the process, undeniably shaping the punk rock landscape throughout the 90s and this decade. Like their peers Bad Religion and NOFX they have been an essential part of the punk rock education of more than just one generation, a sort of a stepping stone into faster and more underground punk. And because they have existed for so long, their fanbase consists of people both old and young, each clinging onto their favorite eras, hence contributing to an endless debate over which NUFAN album is the best. "All The Best Songs", a greatest hits collection to celebrate their twentieth anniversary, has an appropriate title to end that discussion once and for all. It proves why NUFAN has been such an influence across punk rock and why they are still relevant today. How many bands can boast with songs made in early 90s, which sound so perfectly fitting in the modern punk rock environment that an unexperienced listener wouldn't be able to place an exact time period in their sound?

If that isn't the definition of timeless music then I don't know what is. Though the haters have accused the band of recycling their riffs album to album, the truth is that Tony Sly is one of the most gifted song writers of his time, at least when it comes to writing memorable riffs and melodic hooks capable of captivating two if not three different generations. A brief listen to "Life Size Mirror" or "Black Box" will show you why, as you notice how polished their thick skate punk sound is, and yet it never sounds artificially inflated or too produced, only sleek and sublime. Although the variation from song to song has been minimal throughout their career, most fans have learned to associate different emotions and moods with different albums, thus drawing implicit distinction between them. The reason for this is simple: aside from the early recordings, every single record is awesome and consequently each has been a significant part of the process of growing up for many.

You'll be damned to find more than a couple of flawed tracks while exploring their back catalogue, but it's easy to find songs that strike you instantly as some of the best skate punk songs you'll hear. "All The Best Songs" excels at the latter, because at 26 tracks, it contains pretty much every single great track the band has written throughout their career. It shows why Sly is considered one of the best 'melodicore' songwriters around, and documents the entire career of one of the most important punkbands thoroughly. If you came and asked me what So-Cal punk sounds like, I'd hand you over "All The Best Songs" - the collection of all the best songs by one of the best bands in that genre.


Download: Black Box, Life Sized Mirror, The Answer Is Still No
For the fans of: Bad Religion, Descendents, No Fun At All, Lagwagon
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Release date 10.07.2007
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