Bicker And Breathe EP

Written by: PP on 06/11/2014 23:29:29

The aggressively upbeat expression drenched in positive vibes by RVIVR took everyone by surprise with last year's "The Beauty Between". It was an album that oozed of sheer joy of playing with infectious guitar melodies racing down playful scales and a fantastic dual vocal dynamic between female vocalist Erica and male vocalist Mattie Canino (Latterman fame). It was at times hyper speed with unusual guitar melodies that caught your attention straight away, and as a result, landed the release on many top 10 lists come December last year. With "Bicker And Breathe" EP, the band hope to continue on that success with five more tracks of their trademark frantic pop punk with crazed sing along melodies.

In comparison, "Bicker And Breathe" is a little less erratic and buzzing than its predecessor. Don't get me wrong, the buzzsaw vibe of the guitars and the Superchunk-influenced melodic drive is still dominant in their expression, it just doesn't shock with you as strong of a surprise this time around. That being said, the band still floors the pedal in most songs and provide a great dynamic between the vivid guitars and the loud, shouted vocals that never quite make it into the screaming territory nonetheless. "In Waves" is an exception with its slower approach that draws more from the conventional Midwestern punk bands than the frenetic garage punk of the previous record, but while it's great to have some variation, we've got to admit it's nowhere near the best song on this record. That honor goes to the impossibly catchy "20 Below" but could in all fairness also go to the title track "Bicker/Breathe", both of which provide fun-driven, happily tuned and joyous punk rock with hyperactive instrumentation.

Most importantly, "Bicker And Breathe" EP proves that RVIVR weren't just a one album wonder where everything just clicked together in a magical manner. But then again, were we ever expecting them to stumble like that with Latterman members in the band? I didn't think so either. Catchy, upbeat pop punk with a little more edge than your average band in the genre.

Download: 20 Below, Bicker/Breathe
For the fans of: Caves, Latterman, Superchunk
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Release date 15.09.2014
Yo Yo Records / Rumbletowne Records

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