Lethal Legacy

Written by: AP on 01/08/2007 15:38:18

I like writing reviews. It's a practice that allows me to freely advertise my more sinister qualities like antipathy and procrastination, and I employ every chance I get to write another prodigious review. Thus, after two weeks of vacationing, I was looking forward to getting back to business. But now I'd rather pack my bags and head right back, because my first task, Mastery's "Lethal Legacy", isn't exactly a warm welcome home.

I understand now why I have been procrastinating the writing of this review and if it weren't for the editor on my ass, I'd happily continue doing so. Mastery isn't exactly a humble name, but then Mastery isn't exactly a humble band either. In the band's own words, "In a time when musical talent is put aside in favor of fashion and rock star poses, heavy metal awaits the return to the glory days of technical proficiency and pure aggression that will knock it on its collective ass… Mastery's instrumental only vision led to the creation of… a balls out assault that re-lives the majesty of old school thrash but with a sense of originality that will undoubtedly see them become innovators for the future." Unfortunately, the band's self-adoration is hardly justifiable. "Lethal Legacy" re-lives the majesty of old school thrash without originality at best, but even this sounds controversial. The mentioned majesty of old school thrash is as much derived from lyrics and vocals as from the instrumental, and while instrumental thrash might look pretty on paper, it sounds ugly on record.

Mastery is right to proclaim itself a band with technical proficiency. There are abundant guitar solos and great riffs that are sure to leave many green with envy, but uninteresting and repetitive drum lines and the lack of vocals coalesce into a trite sound. Those familiar with thrash would concede that the genre is characterized by down-tuned guitars, low-note riffs and soaring solos, fast drums, and an intentionally under produced sound; a combination that just doesn't work on a purely instrumental level. What's needed is either songs that are more progressive or simply a vocalist. Only skill saves this one from the bin.


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Release date 21.05.2007


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