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Ground Culture

Written by: MBC on 01/11/2014 17:41:09

Fans of technical metalcore rejoice: California-based sextet Kingdom Of Giants released their second full length “Ground Culture” last week on InVogue Records, and it is pretty damn awesome. It boasts an impressive display of technical prowess, aggression and melody that just might help establish Kingdom Of Giants as standard bearers for metalcore in the near future.

Even though the music of Kingdom Of Giants definitely bears resemblance to that of bands such as August Burns Red or Texas In July, they are far from being simply another link in the metalcore chain. The fact alone that the band has three guitarists sets them apart from most of the scene - but there is more to it than that. Kingdom Of Giants have a supreme understanding for crafting metal that is equal parts aggressive and melodic, and keeping these parts in perfect balance throughout the album. “Ground Culture” is fast paced and at times frenetic, yet it is continuously melodic throughout and never dabbles in deathcore or other more brutal metal territory.

“Ground Culture” is an album that works on multiple levels. Initially it comes across as a tremendous exhibition of explosive energy by virtue of the interplay between the three guitarists, who constantly chase each other in amazing displays of riff-o-rama. Combined with vocalist Dana Willax’s powerful, passionate scream and surprisingly impressive melodic vocals along with the intricate time signatures and blasts of double bass by drummer Matt Mayroudis, there is plenty of material here to go nuts and headbang to, as well as sing along. Upon several listens, one will discover more details, and constantly be impressed with the musicians’ exceptional level of skill.

From listening to “Ground Culture”, it seems clear that Kingdom Of Giants stands as one of the best bands in metalcore right now. With the backing of a strong label like InVogue, the band has all the potential to go far and hopefully be a part of some big tours overseas sometime soon.


Download: Lion’s Mouth, Eternal Burn, Ground Culture, Sky Burial, Who I Once Was
For the fans of: August Burns Red, Texas In July, The Air I Breathe, Serianna, Wovenwar
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Release date 21.10.2014

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