Everything Between Paint And A Wall

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Someone's been listening to "The Earth Pushed Back" by Have Mercy methinks. Grandview's debut album "Everything Between Paint And A Wall" is frighteningly similar to that record in all aspects, not least for their vocalist who utilizes an eerily similar introspective, soothing style that on occasion breaks into borderline screaming when the song so requires. Indeed, instrumentally the album also follows a similar path: somber songs that are minimalistic in nature, featuring singer-songwriter aspects and indie rock ideals, before progressively getting louder and louder in a crescendo of distortion and crashing cymbals for the emotional explosion point.

"To The Sun" is perhaps the best example. At almost six minutes, the band use lengthy periods of calm and quiet passages before the last minute's glorious symphony of screams and tremolo-based, post-rock oriented guitar work that feels almost cinematic in nature. Similarly, "The Only Constant" also starts out introspective and fragile, before a similar explosion point unleashes the band's true potential. In fact, if there's one complaint it is that they often take too long to reach that moment. Quit/loud dynamics are heavily at play here.

Much like the aforementioned Have Mercy album, "Everything Between Paint And A Wall" is a grower record that absolutely requires a good pair of headphones to fully appreciate the detail between the calm and stormy sections. The decipherable screams add passion to the record, the quiet guitar picking and the almost shy cleans reveal emotional depth and introspection. In that sense it's exactly like the Have Mercy record. That being said, the difference between writing an amazing record and merely a decent one in this style is extremely small, and despite containing a few indie-flavored emo-gems, overall the record doesn't leave as strong of an impression in comparison. Still, fans of Moose Blood, Balance & Composure, The Jealous Sound, The Dangerous Summer et cetera will find plenty to like here. Just remember it's a grower and requires multiple listens before it opens properly, thanks to the depth-laden melodies and arrangements.


Download: To The Sun, 7, The Only Constant, Saw The Sky
For the fans of: Have Mercy, Moose Blood, Pentimento, Balance & Composure
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Release date 08.07.2014
FITA Records / Six Pine Records

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