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Grace.Will.Fall is a southern fried / melodic hardcore band from Jönköping, Sweden whose third album "No Rush" landed in stores earlier this year. It's a raw, passionate release of energy that leans heavily on groovy riffs and southern style melodies, thereby bringing to mind the likes of Every Time I Die and Gallows, and on occasion, the chaos of Converge is also heavily present in the mix. Vocalist Ulf Blomberg basically sounds like a cross between Greg Puciato of Dillinger Escape Plan and Keith Buckley of Every Time I Die, with a pinch of Cory Brandan (Norma Jean) thrown in for good measure. They deliver a fairly well-executed expression throughout the album, but they just have one problem: "DIY", track five on the eleven song record.

It's more of a luxury problem actually, because this cut features a truly awe-inspiring, back-chilling melody during its chorus parts. Here, the band flow fully into the realm of melodic hardcore, but keep the tempo sky-high whilst an extended, high pitch note flows on the background, screeching behind the lead guitar that delivers a lower range melodic riff at the same time. I'm not sure why it works, but it's a back chilling moment every time, and an easy candidate for one of the best melodic hardcore songs recorded in 2014. This in turn causes a problem because the rest of the album is nowhere near on the same level as this track. The band pummel through like Gallows on their newer albums with a dark, aggressive, and uncompromising twist to southern fried metalcore that, especially on "Five To Nine", sounds a bit like Norma Jean's early material before they turned all melancholic. But it's just not as immediately captivating as "DIY". The Gallows-style groove continues on "Polluted And Diluted", another highlight track on the record, where Blomberg screams his throat sore whilst the rest of the band balance carefully between hardcore, metalcore, and melodic hardcore varying evenly between each style.

Still, after several weeks of listening, "DIY" is the key track that sticks to mind when I think back to this release. It's such a brilliant track that any band should be proud of writing it, but it just leaves the rest of the release in an uphill battle to fight for attention. That said, the base level of their sound is rather high, so any fans of the aforementioned bands should definitely be taking in a listen or two, if for no reason other than "DIY".

Download: DIY, Five To Nine, Polluted And Diluted, Clear And Back
For the fans of: Every Time I Die, Gallows, Converge, Norma Jean, Fight Pretty, Rise And Fall
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Release date 28.03.2014
Hobo Records

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