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Advance Creature EP

Written by: EL on 15/10/2014 18:36:55

I don't quite understand why, but a lot of the time when I hear a brand new EP release I get a higher sense of passion and energy. Maybe it’s because, being a younger band, you have so much more to prove and have to work far harder to push yourself through the sea of similar bands just to stand out. Well, on Oh Captive's EP "Advance Creature", you'll definitely see some carefully thought out processes that make for an interesting and enjoyable listen. Hailing from Bristol, this four-piece alternative/rock band have presented us with a re-release of their 4 track EP, which I have very much loved listening to.

Their first track, “Beds of Many Ghosts”, is catchy and fun. It’s got a 'fist pump in the air' vibe to it and made me feel a little bit nostalgic about my teenage years. It has some nice harmonies and good guitar riffs, though perhaps a little too quiet for my liking.

“Terrible Lives” follows with another bouncy adrenaline pumping song and again, I’m not terribly convinced about the production standards at the beginning of this song but the further in we go, when everything is layered and glued together, it sounds great.

The title track is, for me, the strongest song on the EP. The lyrics have an emotive power about them and the harmonies and chords are stunning. If all other songs on this EP had been so perfectly constructed it would have had a far bigger impact on me. It really is a passion-driven song that stays in the ears for a while. It has so many enchanting layers, so if you’re looking for something that covers a range of varieties, then this is it.

“Retreat Being”, the final track of the EP, starts off as an inverted version of the other songs. Instead of starting off in a soft melodic way it comes in with a bang and flows into a moodier, slower rhythm with crashing drums and generic guitar riffs and strumming. However, once you reach the cliff drop, the tone changes and becomes another emotionally and harmonically driven piece. I’d have liked the guitar to be less disrupting as it distracts a lot from the vocals, which is a shame because they are wonderfully sung vocals, plus it also drowns out the bass in many cases.

Having said all that, this is a commendable start for such a young band and I very much look forward to what they have in store for us in the future. With this EP it’s no wonder they are fast climbing the ranks and are one of the most talked about up-and-coming bands around.


Download: Advance Creature
For The Fans Of: Mallory Knox, Marmozets, Twin Atlantic
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Release date 28.04.2014

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